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Zambia’s first formal market for fresh produce

Modern Facilities

The ZAMBIAFresh Lusaka Market is part of a brand new one-stop-shop food hub concept being developed in Lusaka, a first of its kind for Zambia!

The market design draws on world-class expertise to deliver modern facilities that showcase Zambian small-scale fresh produce in a modern, hygienic and safe trading environment.

The state-of-the-art market trading facility spans more than 1.5 acres of under roof trading floor which includes cold rooms and specialized ripening rooms.

A commercial retail development is wrapped around the market to provide a wide range of complimentary food products and services from a variety of vendors.

The food hub is completed by Zambia’s first commercial aeroponics facility producing a range of high quality lettuce varietals and other salad ingredients.

Our Philosophy:- Zambian Farmers First

At ZAMBIAFresh, we know that if we look after our farmers, everybody benefits.

Our market infrastructure, operations and trading rules are designed to serve the interests of small-scale producers to ensure they reap the benefits of their hard work.

Improving the lives and livelihoods of farmers flows benefits throughout the fresh produce value chain.

From seed and input providers, to transporters and packaging suppliers, an increase in volume and quality of fresh produce flows benefits through to consumers and food processors in a virtuous feedback loop starting and ending with the farmers.

Food Safety

ZAMBIAFresh is commited to offering the highest quality fresh produce that is safe, nutritious and delicious through a multi-pronged approach to food safety.

Food safety starts with the farmer.  Our suppliers are required to implement our Rule of 5 quality standards when preparing produce to be sent to market.

Next, ZAMBIAFresh has partnered with California-based technology company Ripplenami to develop a mobile digital platform for ZAMBIAFresh that delivers a “Fresh-to-farm” traceability solution.

The Ripplenami application will be rolled out throughout the ZAMBIAFresh value chain to provide consumer traceability and security for food safety.

Lastly, food safety will be monitored at the market site with regular testing of produce for residues of crop chemicals, fertilizers and the presense of moulds and Aflotoxins.

Hi-Tech Cashless Electronic Trading System

ZAMBIAFresh operates the Freshmark Systems’ fresh produce electronic trading system. Freshmark Systems is the world’s leading supplier of online, real-time market management systems currently deployed in 22 national fresh produce markets and oversees over US$ 1 billion of traded produce per year.

Suppliers and buyers register with ZAMBIAFresh Market and are onboarded to the market system to ensure full transparency of all transactions.

No cash trading on market trading floor ensures fast and efficient trading with real price discovery.

Trading data of each transaction is captured to provide an unrivalled data repository providing deep insights into producer and buyer behaviour.

High Quality Fresh Produce All-Year Round

The ZAMBIAFresh market will offer year-round fresh fruit and vegetables showcasing the best of Zambian-grown fresh produce.

Our electronic trading system volume and pricing data will empower farmers to better plan planting and harvesting schedules to extend the growing season of key products.

ZAMBIAFresh active value chain engagement will deliver a constantly growing basket of fresh produce as farmers will be confident to experiment with planting new and exciting products.

Fair and Transparent Pricing

Zambian growers finally have the opportunity of real price discovery in a transparent and fair trading environment.

Market prices are agreed daily on the trading floor between sales agents and buyers based on the available supply, current demand, and other influences such as weather events and production challenges.

Our electronic trading system ensures there is no side dealing or off-market trading to maintain fairness for all suppliers, no matter how big or small.

Daily closing prices and overnight volumes will be published to enable better planning by all market stakeholders, including suppliers, buyers and fresh produce traders.

Formal Market Operations

Market trading rules are clear, fair and transparent, and apply equally to all.

Strict delivery and trading times ensure an orderly and efficient market trading experience.

Market management and staff are professionals with extensive fresh produce and formal trading experience.

All fresh produce flowing into and out of ZAMBIAFresh is strictly controlled and managed to preserve food quality and safety for consumers.

Safe & Healthy Environment

World class food safety standards through:

• Strict food handling protocols;

• Stringent hygiene standards;

• Rigorous cleaning practices; and

• Access controlled facilities.